New Software Release

Eclipse 2023.4 now available

Friday, 15 December 2023

Product overview

The Eclipse™ industry-reference reservoir simulator offers the most complete and robust set of numerical solutions, for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior, for all types of reservoirs and development schemes. The Eclipse simulator has been the benchmark for commercial reservoir simulation for more than 40 years due to its robust capabilities, speed, parallel scalability, and unmatched platform coverage. The simulator covers the entire spectrum of reservoir modeling, including black-oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline simulation.

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Release highlights

The Eclipse 2023.4 release includes key developments that improve CO2 storage functionality, as well as usability enhancements to various features

Release Updates

Improvements to CO2 storage functionality

Aiming to enhance CO2 storage applications, this release includes improvements such as:

  • The AMFVD keyword can now be used to define equilibrated initial conditions in isothermal CO2STORE models. As for thermal CO2STORE models, values will be adjusted where the concentration exceeds the saturated value.
  • It is no longer necessary to supply placeholder values for salt components in the KVTABTn keyword. The relevant columns can be defaulted.
  • PRT file tables have been added for vapor-oil K-values for components, which have an oil phase within the pressure and temperature range of the tables.
  • PRT file tables are no longer produced for oil-water and vapor-water K-values, for components which do not have one or both phases within the pressure and temperature range of the tables.
  • PRT file density tables are no longer produced for components which have constant density in that phase.
  • For CO2SOL models, it is now possible to default individual columns (other than pressure) in the SOLUBILT keyword. The generated values will be the same as if the whole table had been defaulted. Table input has also been made more robust to formatting across multiple lines.
  • Reporting and checking have been improved for the AMF, RSW, AMFVD and ZMFVD keywords, to clarify when they are required, when they are optional, and when their contents will not be used if provided.

New and improved functionality

For both Eclipse 100 and Eclipse 300 simulators

  • Internal logic has been improved to ensure clean termination of parallel runs with unsupported keywords.

For the Eclipse 100 simulator

  • EGRID file writing in parallel has been improved in cases where the geometry is specified via a GRID file.
  • Processing of local grid refinements (LGR) in parallel has been improved.

For the Eclipse 300 simulator

  • Processing of GRIDFILE in large models when run in parallel has been improved.
  • Validation of PVT related keywords has been enhanced to make warning messages more representative of user input.
  • Validation of KVCRWAT coefficients has been improved to prevent generation of non-physical bubble point temperatures.