Faced with understanding fluid flow and the corresponding fluid recovery from a porous media, the reservoir engineer is involved in the entire lifecycle of the reservoir—from reservoir exploration through production from engineered wells all the way to reservoir storage and abandonment.

Gain insight into reservoir performance

In this encompassing involvement, the reservoir engineer must rely on a variety measurements and interpretations in order to have confidence to guide field development decisions. These are generally gathered and produced at various time periods and for different purposes, but all contain valuable insight to the reservoir performance and fluid migration.

There are many experts and pieces of interpreted data to be included throughout the life of the reservoir. It is for this purpose that Petrel Reservoir Engineering (RE) is designed specifically for the reservoir engineer in order to approach these challenges.

The Petrel platform provides integration across disciplines, giving the reservoir engineer the power to use model changes made to geophysical structures, geological properties, and geomechanical-influenced mechanical effects, as well as new drilling or production schemes. Empowered by the Studio E&P knowledge environment, the Petrel platform has the connection to the evolving reservoir model across the different disciplines as new information is injected into the subsurface understanding. 

Achieve optimal reservoir performance

Petrel RE provides an extensive toolset to incorporate different pieces of analyses, from analytical production simulation to complex completion operating controls to case management for hundreds of uncertainty simulations. The reservoir engineer can interactively create different strategies for well and completion construction, injection/production strategies, and the fluids that are in-place and injected from surface.

This workspace also provides a seamless link to established numeric simulators (the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator, INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator, and FRONTSIM simulator), which translates the reservoir model to the physical and dynamic simulation world. Meanwhile, operational economics are evaluated and reevaluated to ensure that capital is well spent by linking the development decisions in the reservoir model to the implications this has to capital expenditure across various fiscal models.

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