A single source of truth to power possibilities

Delfi Production Data Foundation unifies and enriches fragmented data in upstream production operations. By streamlining multiple operational data sources into a single source of truth, teams gain clarity, confidence and speed in decision making. This silo-busting approach improves work practices and provides a foundation for innovation – enabling intelligent automation, customized apps and continuous improvement. Part of the Delfi digital platform, Production Data Foundation is an industry-proven, data engineering solution that can grow uniquely with each organization. It unlocks more value from oil & gas operations data and supports smarter investment in digital transformation.

Schlumberger - Tachyus

SLB and Tachyus sign MoU for Collaboration on Operational Waterflood Management and Optimization

This collaboration will deliver rapid insights for customers by linking the Agora edge AI and IoT solutions, the ProdOps tuned production operations solution, and the Delfi Production Data Foundation with Tachyus’ AI-based Aqueon waterflood management and optimization application. The joint solution will provide optimized reservoir sweep that rapidly evaluates reservoir performance and generates optimized control setpoints that can be executed at the edge.

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Unlock value through insights and innovation at scale

The Production Data Foundation data and workflow services provide the means to quickly generate insights and optimize production performance. By solving industry-wide problems – disparate data types and sources, as well as a lack of trust in data quality – the solution removes the burden of data cleansing and contextualization. Production engineering data is readily accessible to teams across your enterprise for consumption in applications, workflows and visualization. Production Data Foundation’s integration with TIBCO Spotfire™ and Dataiku™ allows you to build your own insights, analytics and AI using your tools and local best practices.

Production Data Foundation has provided the infrastructure and fuel for automated workflows and insights for cloud-native applications, with extraordinary results:


Time savings to execute automated production forecasting


Cost savings for the execution of well review programs


Provision of a highly performant data stream for 7,500 wells

Complexity certified

Complexity simplified

Automation delivers data enrichment from the full breadth of operational sources. An operational store with high and low frequency data continuous stream lays the foundations to build upon to drive improvement across the full scope of operations.

faster better decisions

Faster, better decisions enabled

With live data that’s easy to access when needed, organizations can fully leverage data analytics, machine learning and AI to generate insights and power intelligent automation.

Standardized data

Standardized data

Using a rich domain model, raw, calculated and time-series data becomes standardized and readily usable. Production Data Foundation’s ability to streamline disparate data sources and data frequencies at volume and standardize output solves common data challenges.

Innovate at scale

Innovate at scale

Production Data Foundation delivers the ready ability to custom build analytics, AI and apps at scale. Teams become empowered to drive innovation across operations and take a strategic approach to problem solving and differentiation.  

How Production Data Foundation works

Production Data Foundation orchestrates data access for workflows, with data services and the application of a production domain model to provide a single source of truth. This springboard for productivity, where raw and calculated data are standardized and easily accessible, advances sharing and efficiencies across product operations. Teams gain time back and are empowered to rapidly innovate for better business outcomes.

A comprehensive range of support services makes the transition to Production Data Foundation simple. And we work closely with you to ensure all existing systems and sources are integrated:


Data historians

Mobile data sources

Databases and applications

Structured data

Unstructured data

Physics-based models

Data-driven models



Production Data Foundation ingests data from a diverse set of sources, organizing it to produce a source of truth that users with differing needs can widely understand.


Data is simple to discover and consume with Production Data Foundation. Live publishing of integrated data to user-defined workspaces and repositories enables teams to generate and act on insights in real time.


Production Data Foundation's ability to orchestrate and refine fragmented data types across on-premise and cloud sources means insight is built on quality information.


Production Data Foundation grows alongside an organization. A secure, open data operations platform evolves to support smarter investment in digital transformation at the right pace for each business.

Easy to integrate

We custom wrap services around each organization – from pilots to training and change management – ensuring a smooth transition to Production Data Foundation across your production ecosystem.


Production Data Foundation is the result of two decades of production data management experience. With transition services, plus the new INNOVATION FACTORI, it’s the foundation for accelerating your digital and AI journey.

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