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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Date: May 10, 2021

What is the intent of the collaboration agreement?

Schlumberger and NOV will combine the drilling automation module from the DrillOps* on-target well delivery solution—called DrillOps Automate—with NOV’s rig control systems, via the NOVOS™ software, to deliver a comprehensive joint drilling automation solution.

When does the agreement become effective?

The agreement is effective April 13, 2021. The planned launch of a ready-to-deploy joint solution is mid-August 2021.

How will operators benefit?

DrillOps Automate is a rig control system agnostic solution and the collaboration agreement takes advantage of this. Operators with NOV controlled rigs under contract, will deploy DrillOps Automate in a more cost-effective way with a shorter deployment timeline.

How will rig contractors benefit?

Rig contractors with NOV rig control systems, will be able to offer their customers digital drilling automation capabilities. Benefits for the rig contractor:

As operators’ demands increase in this space, the joint solution will enable rig contractors to better meet those demands and achieve increased competitive advantage by expanding the services they offer to include drilling automation.

Performance improvement delivery through:

  • on-bottom digital drilling optimization, consistency and procedural adherence via the DrillOps solution.
  • consistent, repeatable connection procedures via the deployment of NOVOS.
  • Reduced CAPEX cost of deployment through an activity-based SaaS fee and OPEX expense structure.

Which rigs can be used with this solution?

Any AC-VFD rig with an NOV Amphion or NOV Cyberbase rig control system.