Schlumberger and BOMCO Join Forces on Rig Automation

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Industry leaders collaborate to accelerate digital drilling automation for customers

Schlumberger and BOMCO are collaborating to deliver a joint drilling automation solution that will help drilling contractors and operators improve rig safety and performance. Combining their drilling expertise and integrating their technologies will enable the partners to make the solution available to customers far sooner than they could by working alone. 

Integrating Schlumberger and BOMCO technology

The new drilling automation solution will be realized by integrating idriller®, BOMCO’s drilling rig control system, and the DrillOps* on-target well delivery solution from Schlumberger. The ability to introduce automation to the rig will optimize customers’ drilling processes and decision making to increase consistency, enhance safety, and streamline operations. BOMCO has a one of the world’s largest rig footprints and the company’s considerable scale enables it to add many more rigs every year. Therefore, integrating the DrillOps solution with BOMCO rigs vastly increases the number of customers that can access an automated drilling solution.

Delivering solutions to customers faster

“Expanding our partnership with BOMCO means more customers worldwide will very soon have access to a digital drilling automation solution that increases rig safety and performance,” comments Kari Anne H. Kjolaas-Holland, director, Digital Operations Solutions, Schlumberger. “Augmenting hardware with digital capabilities drives significant performance gains, with the positive impact felt across the enterprise—maximizing uptime, reducing costs, optimizing crew size, and improving productivity. 

“Schlumberger and BOMCO are working closely to realize the benefits of connecting drilling automation and the drilling rig control system. The new digital solution we deliver together will improve the efficiency, safety and consistency of drilling operations for customers, and promote the market expansion of products from both companies to enable further value creation for them.” said Hu Baomin, Executive Director, BOMCO.

The DrillOps solution includes open and modular machine learning-based applications that benefit from Schlumberger’s indepth domain, technological, and practical knowledge of drilling, to execute digital drilling plans consistently, with the ability to automate drilling tasks at higher levels of efficiency through the use of AI. More detail on the DrillOps solution can be found here.