The Delfi digital platform is delivering the promise of tomorrow, today. Liberating data, simulation engines, and workflows across the entire E&P landscape. Freeing our valuable professionals to focus on the challenges ahead.

At its heart lies the data ecosystem, optimized to integrate any data type. Over 270 different data types coming from more than 150 upstream data sources, provide access to millions of data records, to manage, enrich, and prepare information to be consumed in domain workflows across the Delfi platform.

The Delfi data ecosystem facilitates collaboration across organizations enabling you to discover and consume multiple data sources of global E&P information in one place, in the context of your operations. Data is liberated from previously siloed repositories and sources to enrich the context and depth of your data-driven insights.

Open source data ecosystem

Committed to openness, we have open sourced the Delfi data ecosystem, providing increased freedom, flexibility, and choice. Our open source data ecosystem is contributing to an industry wide community, accelerating the delivery of the Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum’s data platform.

The Delfi data ecosystem enables seamless connections to data across the subsurface and beyond. A myriad of data types, at all scales, powering meaningful and relevant insights—while always preserving the richness of the underlying information.

The value

A fully composable platform where data is independent from the application. Available in the context of your own operations.  

Security, scalability, and performance are in your control. Offering the management of a fully definable data landscape to meet your needs.


Our commitment to openness includes our support and ongoing development of the advancing OSDU data platform. See the latest announcement on the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum.

Learn how our open source data ecosystem, and contributing this to the OSDU data platform, takes your development potential further to improve flexibility, composability and portability of solutions for your company.


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