The Delfi platform’s solutions give you access to the best of the best when you need it—automatically calling the relevant components of market-leading software when required.

Enriched platforms and engines

The performance of existing best-in-class technologies such as the Petrel and Techlog platform is boosted within the Delfi platform. Access to the latest technology is streamlined and consistent across devices, time-consuming tasks such as quality auditing and data processing are automated, while new tools make it easier than ever for teams to collaborate and access industry knowledge.

Liberated data

The Delfi platform removes the barriers between data of all kinds including current project and corporate legacy data, live feeds from IOT and control systems, as well as unstructured data held in public clouds and 3rd party sources. Liberating data from workflows and applications allows teams to build common workspaces within the Delfi platform to share data, models, and interpretations, while always respecting proprietary information boundaries. 


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