Drive continuous improvement across your entire well construction activity

RigHour drilling operation efficiency analysis delivers an accurate understanding of drilling operation performance across single and multiple wells by computing and comparing drilling-specific KPIs. Drilling organizations can instantly see the aggregated amount of non-productive time, as well as invisible lost time incurred on their project or across their entire rig fleet. They can also filter by specific well construction phases to analyse performance and identify potential improvement areas. 

The web deployed RigHour service integrates both high-frequency data streamed from rig sensors, as well as low-frequency data such as daily drilling reports (DDRs) and plans. This information is combined and processed by a computation engine into KPIs, which can be accessed via a customizable web-based interface or automated daily reports.


  • Operational efficiency analysis across the entire well construction activity

  • Identify benchmarks and set improvement targets

  • Communicate actual drilling performance to rig crews for continuous improvement practice


  • Patented rig activity detection engine

  • Web deployed service for collaborative data storage and analysis

  • Utilize pre-defined or fully customized KPIs computations

  • Computation of KPIs from time-based data and daily drilling reports

  • Web-based front end displaying KPIs, plots, and visual controls


  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Identify and quantify areas of potential time saving on drilling operations

  • Promote technical limits and best composite performance

  • Consistent measurement and reporting of improvements across drilling rigs and crews

  • Systematically compare operational performance versus targets and adjust technical limits


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