Digital production solution automates performance advisories and analysis

Thursday, 21 October 2021

The ProdOps tuned production operations solution enables faster and better decision-making at enterprise scale through the use of cloud computing, AI and data in production operations

In a step that further accelerates the digitalization of the exploration to production life cycle for its customers, Schlumberger has made the ProdOps solution available in all global regions. By infusing domain workflows with powerful AI and analytics capabilities, enabled by the cloud-based DELFI cognitive E&P environment, the ProdOps solutions automates advisory systems and drives cross-domain collaboration at scale, enabling faster and better decision making.

Traditional digital oilfield solutions are ad-hoc, they are difficult and costly to maintain or scale, and often vendor locked. In stark contrast, the ProdOps solution is open, modular and supported by an extensible library of cloud-native applications that have been developed in collaboration with customers. It is built on the DELFI Production Data Foundation, a proven, high-performance data infrastructure that creates a comprehensive and fully contextualized view of the asset—a single-source-of-truth—which is kept continuously up to date by live data from operational sources.

Using a combination of physics-based and data-driven models, advisory insights are generated that automatically and continuously identify underperformance, diagnose issues, and highlight opportunities for improvement. The ProdOps solution consolidates asset variables and information such as field operational statuses, key performance indicators, financial information, resources, opportunities, and current challenges into a single view. Asset teams monitor production metrics, manage tasks more easily, and analyze performance to drive continuous improvement.

“Customers worldwide can now use the ProdOps solution to drive efficiencies and create value in their oil and gas production workflows at enterprise scales across their organizations,” comments Kari Anne H. Kjolaas-Holland, director Digital Operations Solutions, Schlumberger. “Digitalizing production operations significantly expands our offering of AI and analytics applications for E&P, enabling cross-domain teams to collaborate seamlessly on the optimization of production performance.” 

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