PRODcast Vx production testing monitoring software extracts the maximum value from Vx multiphase well testing technology by providing continuous remote monitoring of these reliable production measurements. The automated verification of permanently installed Vx technology facilitates well testing program optimization to accelerate production allocation.

With PRODcast Vx software your production technologists can easily identify well test candidates, manage an array of Vx technology, audit production data, and quickly validate production well tests. Monitoring dozens of wells can generate thousands of production test reports per year, but PRODcast Vx software simplifies production data management so your production engineers and specialists can focus on value-addition tasks such as data interpretation and analysis.

Analyzing historical and real-time data through PRODcast Vx software’s functional workflows confirms the measurement validity and reduces well test rejection rates. Its engine processes internal calculations with raw measurements from Vx technology to convert them into meaningful information for your production technologists. Because PRODcast Vx software is built on the Avocet production operations software platform, it supports a scalable solution for the direct integration of high-quality measurements with production optimization workflows.


  • Continuous production monitoring.
  • Well test management.
  • Production allocation.
  • Real-time and historical data analysis.
  • Measurement data quality evaluation.
  • Functionality verification for Vx multiphase well testing technology.
  • Field operations planning. 


  • Facilitates production optimization.
  • Provides a scalable solution for direct integration with production optimization workflows.
  • Saves time with improved data flow and data gathering.
  • Simplifies remote access to information.
  • Provides measurement traceability and auditability.
  • Identifies well test candidates and changes in well performance.
  • Optimizes production test efficiency (well sequence, test frequency, and test duration).
  • Reduces well test rejection rate.
  • Optimizes maintenance planning and operations costs.
  • Improves safety by limiting personnel exposure in the field.


  • Automatic assignment of wells per meter on a manifold setup.
  • Production well test validation.
  • Prioritization of flagged meters among the installed base.
  • Diagnostic alerts for well test status and measurement quality.
  • Diagnostics alerts for Vx technology instrumentation health.
  • Automated performance verification routines and traceable actions.
  • Secure data access with integrated domain security authentication.
  • Regular updates for production workflows with reliable measurements.


Most Accurate Surface Multiphase Flowmeter to Date

Only the Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter captures the full spectrum of gamma energy levels at high frequency from a single point in the venturi throat, ensuring the most accurate flow rate measurements in all flow conditions.

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