Schlumberger Asset Consulting

Unlocking your assets’ potential begins with detailed surface and subsurface understanding. We have advanced reservoir modeling and characterization tools and global expertise in petroleum system development. Through a detailed process of integrating key scientific data from your surface and subsurface assets to perform in-depth evaluation, we will define a series of your most profitable field development options and create an optimal field development plan that delivers maximum asset value.


We support our clients to unlock potential from their assets through the comprehensive study of subsurface, wells and surface facilities elements and their associated challenges.


Asset planning offer

Schlumberger Asset Consulting


  • Conceptual and executable field development plans (FDPs)

  • FDP review and update

  • Reservoir characterization

  • Modeling and simulation

  • EOR screening

  • Reservoir geomechanics

  • Well engineering services

  • Completion design

  • Drilling geomechanics

  • Production engineering

  • Stimulation design

  • Feasibilities studies

  • Concept screening and evaluation

  • Cost, schedule and economic assessment

  • Basic engineering/FEED

  • Flow assurance for asset planning

  • Decision support packages


Asset Consulting Services