Running farmouts is more efficient, effective and secure with the support of our industry-leading data rooms. They enable rapid achievement of your divestment project goals by providing access to the best people, technology and processes available in the industry today.

End-to-end service delivery

To help accelerate the provisioning of your farmouts, our data room management services span virtual, online and physical data rooms. Our Delfi Virtual Data Rooms are backed by our extensive experience in hosted services to ensure a highly secure and tailored platform for asset divestment. Similarly, our online and physical data rooms are anchored in tailored technology delivered by highly skilled experts.

Delfi Virtual Data Rooms

Global access

The Delfi Virtual Data Room is a game changer. Whereas traditional data rooms involve securing a physical room with required hardware and sourcing interpretation software before eventually loading and configuring data, the Delfi Virtual Data Room enables divesting companies to promote their acreage or assets to a global audience through the power of the Delfi digital platform and its cloud-based access.

No longer do investors have to fly in with a limited number of experts to evaluate the data—a process which takes time and reduces the scope to promote investment opportunities to a global audience. Now, using the Delfi Virtual Data Room, investors can review the data from anywhere in the world and bring their experts together virtually to evaluate opportunities—fast.

Trusted software–rapid setup and management

Because investors need their petrotechnical experts to evaluate acreage with tools they know and trust, the Delfi Virtual Data Room provides access to Domain Profiles on the Delfi platform. This advanced technology includes access to industry-leading applications including the Petrel subsurface software and the Techlog wellbore software, enabling investors to use a comprehensive and trusted set of tools to simultaneously share a common view of the acreage and evaluate the opportunities on offer.

The Virtual Data Room can be configured and managed from anywhere in the world, allowing provisioning for both the seller and the buyer in a fraction of the time versus physical data rooms. When you need to move quickly and respond to market opportunities these time savings can be invaluable—our virtual data rooms take just a few hours to fully configure once a contract is in place. Divesting companies can also view an automated dashboard to understand the status of investors’ reviews.

Data security & confidentiality

Data security is a key requirement for any deal making in oil and gas. Leveraging the Delfi digital platform, the virtual data room is backed by industry leading security technology and processes ranging from end-to-end encryption, identity management, 24/7 E&P cloud operations support and adherence to industry standards including SOC-2 accreditation for system security and availability. Data viewed in the Delfi Virtual Data Room is also watermarked for additional protection.

The identity of any single investor or their company is also shielded by default from anyone else using the data room and the owner has full control of who accesses the data room to ensure only the correct people are getting access.

  • Data security protects data from being downloaded
  • Confidentiality ensures the identity of the investors or their company are not exposed to anyone else in the data room
  • Full control of data access
  • Watermarks ensure data is not copied
  • Collaborate with applications in Domain profiles on Delfi digital platform

Online document rooms

The online document room is a secure collaborative environment for companies to share highly sensitive asset-related documents and information with invited peers for acreage promotion. We provide dedicated project support and full data room administration for uploading documents, managing access rights, and providing daily updates and user reports. Documents are quality checked and placed in a structured online repository using a data room platform tailored to your requirements.

  • Document handling capabilities
  • Integrated GIS map
  • SEGY 2D and 3D viewers and log viewer
  • 24/7 access
  • Full administration and project support
  • Strict confidentiality and security protocol
  • Quick deployment
  • Cost effective

Physical data room

Our range of solutions and services to meet your physical data room (PDR) requirements comes in two options. The first includes the availability of a full suite of software products and high-specification hardware for configuration and installation onsite by our experts. In a second, hybrid approach, a simplified onsite hardware configuration can be connected to our online data rooms and/or virtual data rooms technology. Both solutions can support all SLB software, user entitlements, and data security standards. Full PDR management can be provided to source facilities, manage sessions, and provision administrative staff for PDR coordination, as well as expert application support for the duration of the data room.

  • Suite of software solutions to showcase assets in a secure environment
  • Tailored and flexible service
  • High-specification hardware
  • Expert application support and PDR management

Complementary provisioning services

In addition to the virtual, online and physical data rooms, complementary value-added services are available for provisioning your data room. Please contact us for more information.


The eCards service can be used to advertise your asset opportunities on a global level or by targeting prospective companies. Content for the eCard is formatted into an e-mail template along with an accompanying flyer or other supporting documents of your choosing. Once the mailing has been distributed, statistics are provided to show the open rate by company.

Asset Consulting Services

Whether you are involved in a farm-in or farm-out opportunity, the success of your transaction depends on the quality of the information that can be derived from the available data. Asset Consulting Services can help. We have highly skilled and experienced people and extensive technical resources ready to provide independent asset value and development potential evaluations. Our proven workflows help in de-risking uncertainties from the subsurface and subsea to surface facilities, while revealing possible upsides that could easily otherwise go unnoticed. With wide-reaching understanding of market dynamics and other influencing factors, our experts will guide you through complex decisions at every stage of your acquisition or divestment process to ensure you realize the true value in your assets.

Integration and operations services

Accelerate the learning curve in running new assets by using our consultants to bridge the knowledge gap that can often exist after an acquisition. We do this by ensuring that all data, models, and projects are immediately workstation ready to help you meet milestones that are already set toward achieving commitment on the new asset.

Our expertise, your success

Our global pool of highly skilled professionals with in-depth domain and technical knowledge bring their expertise to managing virtual, online and physical data rooms. We also offer:

  • Information management and data room coordination staff experienced in the workflows and requirements of operating secure data rooms
  • Petrotechnical experts to assist with the provision and support of infrastructure for PDRs and support for virtual or online data rooms, including workstation setup, data loading, and backup
  • Software support staff with expertise in all of our software domains to provide onsite PDR support to those unfamiliar with the technology.

Contact details

To learn more about how we can support your organization by provisioning and running data rooms, contact your SLB representative.


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