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Innovation Co-development enables you to take part in the creation of next-generation software solutions, setting new work standards for the industry and a framework for you to accelerate your own innovation objectives at scale. 

Influence development

Drive the development of solutions your people will use every day

Adopt and deploy cutting edge solutions first, by developing them with us. You will help drive and accelerate the implementation of commercial-grade, industry-scale digital tools to support your business and operations.


Collaborate with global development teams

The support you need to achieve your goals

By working closely with cloud engineers, data scientists, full-stack engineers, designers, domain specialists… your people will realize your vision in a results-focused agile fashion.


Open development toolkit

Expand and differentiate with your own technology and solutions

Never start a project from scratch again. Leverage an extensive suite of technology building blocks that have been developed for the energy industry. Visualization and simulation engines can be quickly integrated with AI to expand the capabilities of the co-developed solution to meet your specific needs.

“I really see the great advantage that DELFI brings to the table with the APIs and shared services, very powerful technology that can help shape the digital future of the industry”

Digital Leader – European IOC

Innovation Co-development spotlights


The birth of the ExplorePlan accelerated exploration planning solution


The project was formally kicked off in 2018 as a true digital exploration collaboration with the aim of enabling a step change in exploration performance.

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Well Location Advisor

“We are using 100s of models to describe the uncertainty span. We couldn’t have done it a few years back, but today it is possible”

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Intelligent Integrated Subsurface Modeling

In a strategic partnership with Schlumberger, ADNOC has developed IISM, the Intelligent Integrated Subsurface Modeling.

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