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Innovation Workshops provide a tailored and hands on experience over just a few days or weeks, with access to experts you can make informed judgement calls on digital technologies and create a fully deployed digital solution.

Next-gen digital energy solutions

Experience next-gen digital energy solutions, globally

Leverage a wide range of solutions and technologies built over the past decade, working in close collaboration with your peers to adapt and expand digital solutions to suit your needs.


Understand solutions

Understand and use optimal technology

Gain an in depth understanding of how the broad spectrum of digital technologies, including AI, machine learning, IIoT and the cloud, are impacting the energy industry. Discover the right digital solution combination to deliver optimal returns on your investment.

Digitally enabled concepts to demonstrate value

Build digitally enhanced concepts to demonstrate value

Demonstrate value through results. Extract your key performance indicators, bring context and define your scaling strategy. Take all the knowledge and derivatives (scripts, interpretation, reports) back in a structured format to feed your decision-making process.

“… intense and very well executed. A very professional and skilled performance from Schlumberger”

Data Professional – European IOC

Examples of how it works 



Work with our experts to explore how digitally assisted play to prospect identification can reduce risk, fast-track decisions and optimize the overall process, providing consistency and auditability.

1 Week



Use your workshop to investigate where digitization of workflows can have a major impact in rate of penetration (ROP) optimization, or evaluate technology for loss-circulation prevention, automated offset-well-analysis, and many more topics.

2 days - 1 Week



You can evaluate a broad set of technologies quickly in collaborative workshops covering digitization at the edge to automation of workover candidate selection via predictive maintenance and smart alarms.

3 Days - 2 Weeks

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