The geoscience core is the entry-level Petrel core and is the required base for a number of Petrel geology and geophysics modules. It enables you to build simple and complex earth models, perform volume calculations, plot accurate maps, store and share workflows within your organization, and manage uncertainty throughout the field life cycle.


  • Loading and QC all types of data
  • Generating maps and cross sections for printing and reporting
  • Constructing and editing structural 3D grids for reservoir modeling workflows
  • Populating 3D properties with basic and/or geometrical values
  • Estimating reservoir volumes from maps or 3D models
  • Assessing velocity uncertainty by flexing the structural grid
  • Real-time link and local structural grid update for when new well data arrives
  • Automating workflows for repetitive tasks or updates through the Workflow Editor
  • Performing uncertainty workflows through the Uncertainty Workflow Editor