The Omega geophysical data processing platform is unequaled in the industry. No other software offers the breadth and depth of capabilities for solving today’s geophysical challenges.

Continuous commitment to research and development ensures that the Omega platform benefits from leading edge technology and regular updates. Expert geophysicists are available to offer you technical consultation, training, and global support 24/7.

The Omega platform is designed for the following:

  • Land, marine, and transition zone data.
  • Time and depth data.
  • 2D, 3D, and 4D surveys.
  • Isotropic and anisotropic (tilted transverse isotropy [TTI] and vertically transverse isotropy [VTI]) velocity fields.
  • Multicomponent data.


Easily and intuitively manage seismic projects and data, build workflows, see QC processing results, visualize and analyze data, and interactively generate statics and velocity solutions. The Omega platform is also integrated with the Petrel E&P software platform, providing seamless preprocessing for depth migration workflows. 


The Omega platform is flexible and scalable, enabling processing and imaging on a single workstation up to massive compute clusters, or from a single 2D line to an immense 3D seismic survey. The Omega platform contains the latest technology with more than 400 algorithms. Users can focus on geophysical issues because of a database-driven project model, automated data management, job submission, and detailed processing history.

Licensing packages

  • The time processing package (TPP) includes a wide array of geophysical algorithms that enable signal processing, geometry and statics, velocity analysis and picking, demultiple work, multicomponent processing, and time migrations. This package allows for prestack and poststack 2D and 3D migrations, including Kirchhoff, finite difference, and Stolt algorithms.
  • The depth processing package (DPP) enhances the TPP by adding algorithms that allow for prestack and poststack depth migrations (isotropic and anisotropic velocity models), including Kirchhoff and wavefield extrapolation methods, and support for common image point tomography.
  • Six advanced Omega platform packages are also available to enhance the time or depth processing packages: Advanced Signal Processing, Advanced Demultiple, Advanced Interpolation, Advanced Imaging, Omega Flatirons (Advanced Interactive Statics), and Nonseismic Methods.
  • An SDK is also available for license to allow researchers, software developers, and users to create and integrate their own proprietary seismic algorithms into the Omega platform by creating plug-in seismic function modules (SFMs).