Intersect Thermal enables accurately modeling the thermal recovery methods typically used in heavy oil and bitumen reservoirs to reduce the high oil viscosity by increasing the temperature. Thermal recovery processes that can be simulated include steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam injection (huff ‘n’ puff), steamflooding, steam-solvent, hot water injection, and wellbore heaters.

The integration of the Intersect simulator with Petrel Reservoir Engineering makes it possible to study numerous reservoir behaviors in the context of the geology, log and production data, flow patterns, and uncertainty. One example is wellbore model simulation for a multisegment well (MSW) with multiple strings, loops, and devices for flexible conductive heat transfer; another is assisted history matching under uncertainty for integrating seismic and temperature data.


  • Conventional, unconventional, and fractured heavy oil reservoirs.


  • Increased confidence in decision making through modeling of thermal processes: steam injection, hot water, and wellbore heaters.
  • Greater insight sooner by conducting quick, accurate simulations powered by a state-of-the-art solver and robust physics.
  • Early validation of production scenarios for a variety of operating conditions and accounting for uncertainty in geology and fluids 


  • Unstructured grids and domain partitioning.
  • Production networks handled by design.
  • Flexible full thermal wellbore modeling.
  • Proportional integral derivative (PID) control for temperature maintenance by varying steam injection and production rates.
  • Highly automated optimization and uncertainty workflows via integration with Petrel Reservoir Engineering.

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