Intersect EOR enables accurate high-resolution modeling of chemical and miscible injection agents that accounts for their application in fields with widely varying characteristics such as reservoir geology, fluid type, and aquifer strength. Numerous EOR methods can be simulated with black oil or compositional fluids for low-salinity, polymer, and miscible injection (including hydrocarbon gas, CO2, and others) processes.

The integration of the Intersect high-resolution reservoir simulator with Petrel Reservoir Engineering makes it possible for engineers and geoscientists to study flow phenomena and production performance in the context of geology, petrophysics, uncertainty, economics, and other scenarios. Examples include tracking and history matching of the polymer concentration with live tracer measurements, miscible CO2 water-alternating gas (WAG) injection with 4D seismic reservoir monitoring, and intelligent completions to control breakthrough.


  • Conventional, unconventional, and fractured reservoirs with various fluid types.


  • Increased confidence in decision making through modeling of various EOR processes, including low-salinity, polymer, and miscible injection (such as hydrocarbon gas and CO2).
  • Greater insight sooner by performing quick, accurate simulations powered by a state-of-the-art solver and robust physics.
  • Early validation of production scenarios for a variety of operating conditions and accounting for uncertainty in the geology and fluids.
  • Understanding of physical processes in detail on a high-resolution model that preserves geology. 


  • Robust implicit numerical formulation and performance capabilities.
  • Todd-Longstaff model four-component extension of black oil formulation for miscible gas and solvent injection.
  • Multisegment well (MSW) model with active user control of inflow devices.
  • Built-in optimizer.
  • Unstructured grids and domain partitioning.
  • Production network handled by design.
  • Highly automated optimization and uncertainty workflows via integration with Petrel Reservoir Engineering.
  • CO2 storage and CO2 solubility in aqueous phase.
  • Tracer modeling.

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