Techlog Cased Hole provides tools to process and interpret pulsed neutron logs made in cased hole environments, including the RSTPro reservoir saturation tool. The workflows include determination of sigma and carbon/oxygen for evaluating reservoir saturation. Techlog Cased Hole also facilitates the processing of three-phase holdup log data for input to production logging interpretation.


The Techlog Processing workflow efficiently derives reservoir oil saturation independent of water salinity from the carbon/oxygen ratio (COR) or the saturation is inferred from sigma measurements.

Carbon-Oxygen Interpretation

The RST CO Interpretation (RSTCOT) program is used to transform inelastic carbon and oxygen elemental yields into formation oil volume (VUOI). The envelope technique can also be used to compute hydrocarbon saturation from the COR measurement obtained by other pulsed neutron tools. 

Alpha Processing

Techlog Alpha Processing of the oil volume variables includes filtering them and a final conversion to oil saturation.

Three-Phase Holdup

The three-phase holdup workflow enables computing the holdup of water, oil, and gas using data from the pulsed neutron RSTPro tool.