The NMR module enables you to preprocess echo chains from the Combinable Magnetic Resonance (CMR) tool. This enables you to compute porosity, binned porosity, permeabilities, water, and hydrocarbon volumes using an intuitive user interface. Results can be displayed immediately and, if required, the controlling parameters and functions adjusted graphically.

Using the clay-bound water (CBW) cutoff (from constant or curve), the NMR clay-corrected porosity and the CBW volume are computed. The pore volume attributed to different pore sizes from adjustable thresholds is also calculated, as is the total porosity by integration. The Free Fluid Index cut-off is used to generate the hydrocarbon volume.

Two estimates of permeability—the Coates and SDR functions—are automatically computed from standard equations; their parameters can be curves or constants, and can be adjusted graphically if required.

Capillary pressure from T2 distribution

The NMR module also enables you to compute a capillary pressure curve using the T2 data; the capillary pressure depends on the oil volume and the height above free water level. In the intervals with hydrocarbons, a correction can be applied to the T2 distribution.