Locate user data

Use complex search filters to search for data within countries, fields, and wells. Filters can use data values as limiting criteria (for example, ‘porosity > 0.2’). Filters execute complex queries to organize the data, and queries can be saved for reuse.

Techlog integration

A key CoreDB feature is its two-way integration with the Techlog wellbore software, enabling users to exchange, locate, and query data.

Generate inventories

Compile tables easily with core results data and experimental conditions data. Users can click on individual reports to highlight their associated plug data, while single- and multiwell inventories can be created by grouping core information through the query tools. 

View data

Users have full access to predefined standard plot templates, while plots, histograms, and logs can be customized. Plots, with their associated data, may also be exported to Excel spreadsheets. 

Browse images

The CoreDB data management software enables users to:

  • Click on a sample in a table to view core images.
  • Click on the image to see photos of core plugs listed.
  • Click on the core plug picture to view the plug information table.
  • View core images at both low and high resolution.

Audit trails

The CoreDB module stores user activity history, which can then be accessed via the administrator console. Administrators can see when data was uploaded and by whom.