Field development and rejuvenation is becoming increasingly more complex and costly. Often, the main reason for this is the lack of data and understanding of the reservoir. This can propagate into doubt, and the potential use of non-representative models to support investment decisions.

Capture static and dynamic variability

The geoscreening plug-in for Petrel subsurface software enables the selection of more representative geologic models that capture a full range of static and dynamic variability. It also enables the study of dynamic connectivity across different geologic realizations in tandem with volumetric calculations.

Models selected in this way have a higher chance of preserving accurate performance ranking and allow for the optimization of operating modes. 

Improve production potential

By visualizing connectivity in 3D as flow paths and 2D as maps, clearer and more certain well locations can be targeted for data acquisition and improved production potential. Furthermore, the Petrel platform allows the automation of uncertainty studies, thus enabling productivity gains across the asset team.