Powered by the Omega geophysical data processing software, SeisView 2D seismic data viewer and analysis software enables fast seismic visualization, data analysis, and interrogation in a robust 2D seismic canvas. SeisView software is a key component of the Omega geophysical data processing software but is also available as a stand-alone version, enabling geophysicists to easily load DIO (WesternGeco proprietary format) or SEG-Y data and quickly analyze, investigate, and make decisions based on user data.


  • Data exploration: rapidly investigate and analyze seismic data.
  • Collaboration: SeisView software is an excellent lightweight QC tool with limited system requirements, making it an excellent tool for collaborative seismic data processing projects. 


  • Prestack and poststack data in vertical and time slices.
  • Fully customizable display, including normalization, wiggle, variable density, annotations, and graphs.
  • Locking display parameters and file linkage between datasets.
  • File management tools.
  • Cosmetic processing of random noise attenuation (RNA), different gain types, and amplitude control.

Analysis tools

  • Amplitude spectra, autocorrelation, signal-to-noise ratio
  • Spectral analysis
  • Filtering
  • Frequency wave (FK)
  • Tau-P
  • Bandpass
  • Processing
  • Interactive difference
  • Noise attenuation
  • Velocity
  • Normal moveout (NMO) correction
  • Time to depth
  • Velocity sections
  • Picking
  • Mute Start times
  • Horizon picking
  • Simple dip calculation

Data Formats

  • Prestack and poststack data.
  • WesternGeco DIO.
  • SEG-Y data using SEG-Y converter.