Petrel subsurface software brings disciplines together with best-in-class science in an unparalleled productivity environment. This integration of work processes enables the capture and preservation of knowledge, from the petroleum systems modeler to the reservoir engineer and beyond, all contributing to a shared vision of the subsurface. The result is critical insight for even the most complex reservoirs.

As industry looks to accelerate reserves replacement and boost recoveries, increasing productivity is essential. Petrel subsurface software supports automated, repeatable workflows. New data is easily incorporated, keeping the subsurface live and current.

Embedded cross-domain uncertainty analysis and optimization workflows enable straightforward testing of parameter sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Whether performing rate transient analysis, studying reservoir connectivity and fault transmissibility, determining sensitivity to key uncertain parameters, or designing wells and completion configurations, Petrel Reservoir Engineering combines all geoscience and engineering domain data in an efficient reservoir engineering environment.

Petrel Reservoir Engineering also connects seamlessly to the Intersect high-resolution reservoir simulator and the Eclipse industry-reference reservoir simulator, enabling truly integrated reservoir simulation studies and field development projects. 

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