Intersect simulator deployment services address all aspects of successful implementation and technology adoption.

Deployment services ensure that you get the maximum value from the Intersect simulator. The solution offering includes end-user training, model migration, workflow enhancement, and IT infrastructure optimization.

Certified cluster solutions have been carefully selected to provide the best performance and scalability. The certified cluster solutions are preinstalled on the Intersect simulator to ensure rapid deployment. Simulation Cluster Manager (SCM) software is used for monitoring, reporting, and workload scheduling.

The Intersect simulator is also available in the cloud, with your models and data secure, access-controlled, and always available. On-demand access in the cloud is ideal for leveraging the power of the Intersect simulator without having to build a high-performance computing infrastructure. The subscription-based model scales with your business. 

Training Courses

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WesternGeco offers a comprehensive training program to support users of the Petrel E&P Software Platform, WesternGeco plugins, and other software products.


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We provide a range of supporting documents.