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Provide data managers and geoscientists a solution that helps reduce the time searching for data and build on colleagues’ work in a multiuser environment, from basin to prospect in one platform.



Powered by Petrel Geoscience Core, Techlog for data managers, Studio platform*, PetroModGeoX*, and Data Management Plug-ins

  Data integration and management
  Visualization 2D, 3D, wells, maps and blending
  Mapping and volumetrics generation
  Petroleum systems modeling (charge, trap, and seal) 
  Evaluate risk, resource, and value potential of exploration opportunities with GeoX 
– Core Image Processor
– Geomagnetic Model Loader
– IMCoord
– PowerPoint Creator
– Survey Merge
– Techlog Connector
– Well Data Browser
– WLS Loader
– Techlog plug-ins
– Geomechanics in the cloud

*The Studio platform and GeoX software are included upon request for contracts with more than four committed Petrotechnical Suite users.


  Access, collaborate, share.  

Reduce the time searching for data and build on team’ work in a multiuser environment. Choose what to be share by using alerts and notifications, keeping users aware of what is happening across the team, 

  Multiuser collaboration and multidisciplinary workflows in the Studio platfiorm

Use the powerful set of tools in the Studio platform to access information, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge, all within the context of existing workflow. Fully supporting the Petrel E&P software platform and the Techlog wellbore software platform, the Studio environment enables multi-disciplinary workflows and close collaboration for improved data integrity and administration. 

  Get the best fron data

With the Petrel Data Analysis module data managers and engineers can analyze and study distributions and trends across all data types. The histogram, function, and stereonet windows can also evaluate well data and grid properties. 

  Understand and validate your data with Techlog TechData Plus

Use Techlog TechData Plus to analyze, understand, and validate wellbore data. Data mining tools provide rapid access to meaningful data. Data managers and engineers can search for and repair incorrect naming or unit assignments and perform powerful multi-well data processing. 

  Predict hydrocarbon generation, migration, accumulation, and loss with PetroMod software

Combine seismic, well, and geological information to model the evolution of a sedimentary basin. PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software predicts if and how a reservoir is charged with hydrocarbons, including the source, migration routes, quantities, and fluid types. 

  Evaluate risk, resource, and value potential of exploration opportunities with GeoX software

GeoX can analyze simple opportunities or complex clusters, capturing all exploration scenarios, pilot, development, and production phases. 

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