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The OSDU™ data platform: Why we built it

Listen again to the webcast discussing the historic industry collaboration to build a common shared data platform, presented by OSDU Management Committee Members, Johan Krebbers, from Shell and Stephen Whitley, from Schlumberger.

Many in the oil and gas subsurface and wells space are still working in data silos. This limits their ability to implement digital solutions, but not for very much longer. Just over the horizon is the launch of the OSDU™ data platform R3 release—the one underpinned by the open source code of the DELFI data ecosystem, and the first release to be commercially available to all.

There’s a weight of expectation surrounding the possibilities promised by the OSDU data platform, many, including Schlumberger, believe it will usher in a new era of innovation and flexibility to the oil and gas industry by breaking down silos and separating data from applications. The OSDU data platform can enable widespread digital transformation—supported by a huge choice of new customized and fit-for-purpose software applications from multiple vendors.

As industry anticipation for this new way of working grows, it’s eclipsed only by the questions asked by the domain scientists and chief digital officers who want the facts on the OSDU data platform and what it will mean for their business. 

To separate answer their questions, we worked with World Oil and leading members of the Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum to produce an information-packed webcast— The OSDU™ data platform: Why we built it. 

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Presented by OSDU Management Committee Members: Johan Krebbers, from Shell and Stephen Whitley, from Schlumberger, the webcast, which was first broadcast on June 18 by World Oil, is available to stream, you can access it here. 

Listen in and you’ll discover who the OSDU data platform is for, how it works, which technologies it enables, and the profound change it will drive in oil and gas. This is a chance to fully understand the opportunity for your business and gain insights into this ambitious endeavor by the Open Group to accelerate the digital future of oil and gas.

OSDU data platform: Why we built it  - Listen now

OSDU - Johan Krebbers and Stephen Whitley

World Oil Webcast

The OSDU™ data platform: Why we built it

Johan Krebbers & Stephen Whitley