FluidModeler is a fluid analysis and modeling application that makes complex PVT (pressure/volume/temperature) modeling easy.

FluidModeler (FLM) uses guided workflows in a modern, user-friendly interface to make SLB’s fluid science accessible. FLM is designed to model standard PVT laboratory measurements and evaluate gas miscibility with reservoir fluids. It offers rigorous model tuning capabilities for multiple fluids with rigorous optimization techniques. This ensures that the best fluid models are developed in a reproducible manner every time. In addition, FluidModeler has a fluid model audit trail system where all the development stages of the model are accessible, which enables you to easily compare various models in the same interface.


FluidModeler is also in Petrotechnical Suite under the Reservoir Engineering Plus profile allowing that way reservoir engineers to complete end-to-end workflows around fluid characterization and its different applications in compositional reservoir simulation, production system simulation and flow assurance.  

PVT modeling to simulation: fluid models are easily exported to reservoir simulators

With FluidModeler, reservoir engineers can export PVT models directly to industry standard simulators such as the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator and INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator. This  allows for easy integration and interaction between fluid modeling and reservoir simulation.


You can ensure simulation projects are always up to date by incorporating any new fluid data into FluidModeler and then run your simulation models.



FluidModeler Features