Coherent well construction planning solution that maximizes the results from drilling teams in a single, common system

DrillPlan is a new digital well construction planning solution that will allow you to maximize the results from your teams by giving them access to all the data and science they need in a single, common system. It’s a radical new way of working that will give you quicker and better quality drilling programs through the automation of repetitive tasks and validation workflows to ensure your entire plan is coherent. It includes circular workflow which means plans are improved as new data is added, and future programs can learn from prior experience. 

Designed for the cloud and accessible in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, DrillPlan provides you easy access to all of your well construction projects.


Well Planning Orchestration

Guides the collaboration and responsibilities across teams and drives planning procedural adherence:

  • Oversight over all your projects and well planning workflow for completeness and quality
  • Map and customize your company’s planning workflow process including all required stage gates and standards
  • Implement themed workflows and templates to drive planning efficiency and consistency across your organization
  • Inbuilt digital review and approve system for technical and management sign-off
  • Live activity feed shows you all the latest updates to the active projects from all your team members




Automated Engineering and Design Validation

Automated Engineering and Design
Access to all of your engineering tools and data in a common system.

  • Integrated workflows from Trajectory and Casing Design to fluids and cementing, through to operational activity planning and AFE
  • Cross-domain collaboration to break down silos and increase team productivity
  • Automation of repetitive task frees domain experts to have more time to focus on creating new engineering insights
  • Run hundreds of simulations to find the best solution within your design constraints
  • Dynamic AFE from your offset well database and latest Engineering updates
  • Design traceability to review updates over the life of the project and see how the design changes have optimized the drilling program.



Design Validation
Improved drilling program coherency and operational reliability.

  • Single data source and models maintains coherency across all workflows and tasks
  • Shared contextual information between applications ensures you are always using the latest engineering outputs
  • Validation engines like T&D, Hydraulics and load case analysis are automatically invoked to cross check that your plan is still coherent
  • Engineering flags highlight where you need to interrogate detailed engineering outputs (dashboard)
  • Instantly see how you design changes affect your entire plan and review and validate the final results





Make the Most of Your Data

Leverage integrated learning from your offset well analysis to capture and implement improvement.

  • Utilize the open architecture to connect to your relevant databases and x-domain information
  • Use your offset knowledge and experience to identify risk and then reduce through engineering and mitigate through operational recommendations
  • Connection to the operational system allows immediate capture of lessons learned or relevant data for re-planning and implementing your management of change process
  • Probabilistic analysis of NPT from offset well performance for improved operational forecasting
  • Automatically generate best sequence of operational activities from your most effective offset wells
  • Use statistical tools to can run historical analytics to better understand your operational performance
  • Build an optimized operational sequence and constraints from offset experience and engineering specifications
  • Include your standard operating procedures for improved compliance and HSE performance



Time and Cost Management

  • Baseline estimations of your time-depth curve from relevant offset wells
  • Instantly see the effects of your engineering updates to performance and cost calculations
  • Connected service contracts let you instantly see how design iterations affect project cost
  • Visualize cost per activity and distribution across the well lifecycle





Delivering the coherent drilling program

With DrillPlan, the latest drilling program is always available in the cloud. Whether called up during a design review, team briefing, or on the drilling managers tablet on location, the plan is kept coherent with everyone aligned at all times.


  • All team members working concurrently in a single document
  • Management approval system for finalization













10 - September - 2018

ATD (Automated Trajectory Design)

  • ATD Enhancement - Solutions Explorer, Build Profile Types, etc.
  1. Implement the new Solutions Explorer for users to explore the ATD solutions to pick the best one.
  2. Implement the new Build Profile Types filter in the solutions explorer for users to locate the ATD solutions with the selected build profile types.
  3. Mark clearly how many ATD solutions are provided totally, after applying build profile types filter, and for each build profile type respectively.
  4. Previous KPI is renamed to PARAMETERS. Sliders are changed to horizontal. Lock/Unlock functions are improved.
  5. The range of parameter slides is based on how many ATD solutions are provided after applying build profile types filter.
  • Enhancements
  1. COMMENT column in trajectory table is refined, such as KOP, target name etc.
  2. Rig object is removed from trajectory context panel.
  3. Force browser cache cleaning for frontend updates in a new deployment. -- Note: Although we made this change in the release, this won't take effect right away. Means, in the next release users do NOT need to clean browser cache manually, but for this release users STILL need to clean browser cache manually to get the frontend updates.
  • Bug Fixes
  1. In DDPack, structure and borehole elevation reference were set to RKB rather than ground level for land well.
  2. TD slider could not be locked.

23 - August - 2018

Activity Plan

  • Enhancements
  1. Updated offset data processing for the following activities: Drill to depth, Make up BHA, Lay down BHA, Trip in to depth, Trip out to depth, Circulate to condition hole and run casing to depth. With this new update we make sure that only one unique per offset well value exists in each section, and tripping in and out speeds are calculated from offset wells. Equivalent codes for trip in/out and casing running speeds take the same offset data as this codes (see Aug 10 release notes on equivalent codes in run editor enhancement)

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