Deploying DrillPlan Solution to Optimize and Automate Planning Processes

John Watters
Vice President Well Delivery
OMV Upstream, Austria

Since OMV Upstream’s first deployment of the DrillPlan solution in an offshore development in Austria, the company has seen firsthand how the system improves efficiency across its multidisciplinary teams. From operations, geology, and petrophysics to completions, the system provides a shared workspace where the latest data and insights are available in real time.

OMV Upstream realizes that digitization is vital for the company to meet its future goals and challenges. By understanding this early, the company made a commitment to digitally transformation its drilling and planning processes with automation as a key enabler. This has eliminated repetitive tasks to free up valuable time for engineers, increased efficiency within integrated project teams, and improved project execution.

Digital Transformation—Achieving Future Goals and Overcoming Challenges


  • Improving planning efficiency and enabling collaboration

  • Integrating and automating workflows and business processes

  • Experiencing the potential of the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution

  • Enabling a holistic approach with the DELFI cognitive E&P environment


“DrillPlan solution is the most advanced automation tool we have encountered . . . We see the main benefit in the automation in our workflows and business processes. We are going to use these tools to reduce our planning times, standardize our equipment, and prove the quality of our programs.”—John Watters, OMV Upstream


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