The Wellbarrier well integrity life cycle solution uses the barrier definition to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear and common understanding of risk throughout the well life cycle.

The Wellbarrier solution consists of the following:

  • Wellbarrier Planning supports decision-making during planning operations and safeguards the execution of well activities.

  • Wellbarrier Integrity Management provides a structured framework to proactively manage well integrity.


Wellbarrier - LifeCycle



Well Integrity: Integrity Management Throughout the Well Life Cycle

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Wellbarrier Solution Foundation Features



Well Data Integration


Well Data Integration

Defines the hole and casing configuration, completion components, reservoir sections, blowout preventer (BOP) configuration, and other well status information. You can share, track, and augment data with domain specialists in real time. Built-in quality assurance continuously improves the data's richness and accuracy.






Generates illustrations using the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to represent the well at any stage of its life cycle enabling the creation of consistent and accurate illustrations in minutes.



Well Barrier Schematic


Well Barrier Schematic

Shows how to safeguard well activity using easy-to-read  schematics and summary tables.  Illustrates how to qualify and monitor defined well barrier elements.  The well barrier schematic is the foundation of the solution.



Risk Assessment   Click image to enlarge


Risk Assessment

Enables objective Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) risk assessments to be performed for the well or specific operations. Systematic evaluation of failure modes and consequences to help you identify the risks and specify mitigating measures to limit them.



Track Well Integrity Anomalies


Track Well Integrity Anomalies

Provides an overview of well integrity incidents identified during the well's construction and lifetime. You can assign actions to colleagues, set deadlines, and take corrective action.

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2022 World Oil Best Well Integrity Technology Award

We’re excited to share that Wellbarrier, well integrity life cycle solution, is a finalist for the 2022 World Oil Best Well Integrity Technology Award!

Wellbarrier Planning

Wellbarrier Planning improves decision-making during planning operations and safeguards the execution of well activities by using the barrier definition to support collaboration and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Interactive Well Inclination Schematic

Provides a clear illustration of the curvature of the well and includes descriptions of the well components.


Well Control Action Diagram

Displays the sequence of proposed actions in the event of an unforeseen incident. Particularly useful if the drilling or wellsite crew is using new or unfamiliar equipment.


Sequence Diagram

Displays a step-by-step visual of how the well activity is progressing. Shows the well and well equipment (without any well barrier lines) and how the well barrier definition is changing as the well activity progresses.


Pore and Fracture Pressure

Determines whether the formation strength is sufficient at critical points in the overburden where casing shoes, cement plugs, or other critical well components are placed.

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Wellbarrier Integrity Management

Wellbarrier Well Integrity

Wellbarrier Integrity Management provides a structured framework to proactively manage well integrity using the barrier definition to evaluate and communicate risk and prioritize remediation.


Completion Diagram

Generates well completion diagrams using well configuration data descriptions entered into the application. Accurate completion diagrams, together with detailed assembly drawings, can then be created, as well as additional data if necessary. The completion diagram can be used as part of operation planning to maintain control over depth, ID, OD, and Drift diameter. The diagram is also used as part of the hand-over documentation.



Provides a comprehensive overview of the tests that were performed on the well components when they were originally installed.



Monitors the annulus and tubing pressure and temperature. Results can be compared against acceptance criteria to verify the component integrity. These are the principal parameters used to determine the condition of many of the well components. Previous test results are also available for comparison to enable analysis of historic trends. Documents (e.g. test charts) can be uploaded as supporting evidence.



Customizes your data to display multiple views for individual wells, a high level summary field, country and the company level. The dashboards are closely aligned with the well integrity value chain and show well data, well barriers, well categorization, qualification, risk assessments, monitoring, and usage (for administrators only).

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Well Integrity Solution - PETRONAS case study

Case Study Spotlight

An innovative well integrity solution enables more than 200 PETRONAS users to collaborate and safely manage 1,300 wells using schematics updated in real time.

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 Data Quality Assurance
  Confidence in Barrier Element Function
 Prioritization of Anomaly Remediation
 Digital Integration
  Envisage Consequences of Barrier Failures
 Proactive Operations Planning
 Time Saving
 Consistent Graphics Support Understanding
 Knowledge of Operating Limits
 Improved Collaboration
 Objective Risk Analysis
 Optimized Well Integrity Performance











Wellbarrier Services

Training Services

Wellbarrier training courses are designed for users to learn about well integrity fundamentals and to become proficient in using the Wellbarrier solution. All courses are conducted in a remote or in-person classroom setting where we combine theory with practical problem-solving.

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Project Services

Our main focus is to support our customers with their well barrier integrity. We can help you implement the Wellbarrier solution, advise on standardizing your well barriers definitions, and help to set up your well library. When a second opinion is needed, we can review your library and make suggestions for improvement.


Building Your Company Library

We can help you create a comprehensive and up-to-date well barrier library adjusted to your company’s requirements and only accessible to your team. You can access and organize your entire well portfolio in the well barrier library in a consistent way. The library will help you plan future well activities as the well schematics can be used as a reference and be adjusted for new wells. Intervention equipment can be easily added to the well schematic to give a correct representation of the well barriers for the specific job to be performed.

Quality Review of Your Library

During the library review we evaluate the quality of your well barrier schematics used to maintain your well integrity. We focus on good practice for the definition and illustration of well barriers to ensure the well integrity. Additionally, we evaluate qualification and monitoring to confirm that information is valid and consistent. We can also recommend improvements for other well barrier schematics.

Best Practice User Guide

We can create guidelines for you and other Wellbarrier solution users on how to create well barrier schematics. You can use the guide for your internal management system to establish clear guidelines on how to consistently prepare the schematics consistently, e.g. for illustration principles, well folder structure, and naming conventions.

Well Specific Evaluations

If you have a well integrity issue, we can evaluate the defined well barrier solution for regulatory requirements and compliance using the two-barrier principle. We can also include a qualitative risk assessment of potential leak paths, an assessment of material selection, and qualification and monitoring of the well barriers.

Evaluation of new technology

If you plan to develop or use new technology in a well, we can analyze your concept and advice you what effect this may have of the definition of well barriers, their qualification and monitoring requirements as defined by the NORSOK D-010. Our confidential report includes a gap analysis with regulatory requirements (Norway) with recommendations of matters to be implemented and observations for consideration.


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