New Software Release

Symmetry 2021.4 Now Available

Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Product details

The Symmetry platform models your process workflows in one collaborative environment, integrating pipelines, pipe networks, facilities models, and flare systems to enable consistent thermodynamics and fluid characterization across the whole system. With the Symmetry platform you can switch between steady-state and dynamic modeling, optimize processes in upstream, midstream, downstream and new energy sectors, and maximize the total value of the asset.

The user experience has been improved in the Symmetry 2021.4 release, and new features have been added to provide you with deeper insights into your day-to-day modeling processes.

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Key features of this release

The Symmetry platform now includes combustion emissions calculations for a range of unit operations. The emissions summary tool incorporates these results with previously available data for storage, transportation, and venting emissions. Integration with the PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator has been enhanced to enable seamless sharing of compositional data between the simulation models. New sizing and rating capabilities for flare knock-out drums, which provide additional functionalities to the separators, are also now enabled on the Symmetry platform.
Some of the key new features are listed below.


Combustion emissions calculations have now been added to the seven unit operations: boiler, burner, fired heater, bath heater, continuous catalytic reformer, fluid catalytic cracker, and ethylene cracker. The combustion emissions, which are held in the emissions summary tool, can now aid methane reporting. 

PIPESIM simulator integration

You can now share compositional data between the PIPESIM steady-state multiphase flow simulator and the Symmetry platform. Compositional models can be integrated to evaluate and maintain the fluid description fidelity and behavior, which is not achievable with black-oil simulations.

Symmetry Flare Workspace

The Symmetry platform now has flare knock-out drum design capabilities for separators, which can be used to produce sought-after calculation results as part of safety system modeling, without the need for additional software or workflows.  
A full, detailed list of all new features, as well as improvements and fixes, are available in the What's New document in the Symmetry platform installation guidance.