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The Petrel platform is available on-premise and in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, for geoscientists and engineers to analyze subsurface data from exploration to production, enabling them to create a shared vision of the reservoir. This shared earth approach empowers companies to standardize workflows across E&P and make more informed decisions with a clear understanding of both opportunities and risks.

The Petrel platform and the Petrotechnical Suite in DELFI

The Petrel platform data is liberated into the DELFI data ecosystem--you can access it from within DELFI-native applications and reap all the benefits of working in the DELFI environment.

  • Instant access to the latest software via a personalized workspace
  • More effective Petrel platform project management
  • Cloud-enabled high-performance computing to optimize workflow execution
  • Greater collaboration through instant and seamless sharing of data and projects between teams in different locations
  • Enhanced science through the power of analytics, cognitive science, and automation


Disciplines working together

Integration at the data level is the foundation for enabling multi-discipline integration. This integration allows the capture and preservation of knowledge, from exploration to production—from the petroleum systems modeler to the reservoir engineer and beyond, all contributing to a shared vision of the subsurface. Whether you are working on your first deepwater exploration well or delivering a comprehensive drilling program in a shale play, the Petrel platform enhances multidisciplinary workflows.

Top New Features - Petrel 2021


Machine Learning for Property Modeling

Machine Learning for Property Modeling

Rapidly deliver more efficient reservoir models with the increased confidence to make better decisions.


Generate VISAGE ensembles from Petrel

Get quantitative assessment of geomechanical uncertainty.


Faster depogrid simulation exports

Dramatic reduction in data footprint and runtime.


Identify critically stressed faults

Expanded distance-to-failure algorithm usinguses Mohr-Coulomb failure criteria.


Easily manage Petrel platform performance

Boost productivity with the new Health Monitor tool.


Automate over 90% of work steps in Petrel

Use the workflow editor to automate time-consuming daily procedures so you can devote more time analyzing and characterizing the reservoir.



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