Shared earth - critical insight

Petrel is available on-premise and in the Delfi digital platform, for geoscientists and engineers to analyze subsurface data from exploration to production, enabling them to create a shared vision of the reservoir. This shared earth approach empowers companies to standardize workflows across E&P and make more informed decisions with a clear understanding of both opportunities and risks.

Domain profiles on Delfi

Petrel is available in domain profiles on Delfi.

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Disciplines working together

Integration at the data level is the foundation for enabling multi-discipline integration. This integration allows the capture and preservation of knowledge, from exploration to production—from the petroleum systems modeler to the reservoir engineer and beyond, all contributing to a shared vision of the subsurface. Whether you are working on your first deepwater exploration well or delivering a comprehensive drilling program in a shale play, Petrel enhances multidisciplinary workflows.

Access to best science

Traditionally, applying the right science has meant supporting many disparate applications—isolating the knowledge and disrupting the workflow. Petrel provides deep science across the spectrum—from prestack processing to advanced reservoir modeling—to assisted history matching, and much more. Furthermore, the Ocean software development framework creates advantage by putting the industry’s best science inside the Petrel shared earth model—directly into the hands of your teams.

Petrel machine learning

Increased workflow productivity

In an increasingly volatile industry climate productivity is key. Petrel supports automated, repeatable workflows, to capture best practices and share them across the organization. New data is easily incorporated, keeping the subsurface live and current. Embedded cross-domain uncertainty analysis and optimization workflows enable straightforward testing of parameter sensitivity and scenario analysis.

The embedded Studio E&P knowledge platform improves productivity with multiuser database access and collaborative work sessions with team members across the enterprise. The Studio platform lets you capture more than just data—it allows you to store and share the knowledge of how a result was accomplished.

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Top new features


Automated well tie

Rapidly estimate single and multi-well wavelets for any seismic dataset.

Machine learning (ML) and inversion in Petrel Quantitative Interpretation

Machine learning (ML) and inversion in Petrel quantitative interpretation

Advanced ML and a physics-based approach for reservoir property estimation added to Petrel Quantitative Interpretation


Combined core

The power and domain science for full subsurface studies—enabling a comprehensive analysis of uncertainty.


Geoscience core

Full integration of all subsurface data in a unique platform, offering 2D and 3D flexible canvases.


Geophysics core

The complete and comprehensive geophysics package.

Machine Learning for Property Modeling

Machine learning for property modeling

Rapidly deliver reservoir models with increased efficiency and confidence to make better decisions.






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