Studio E&P Knowledge Environment

Enable petrotechnical professionals to access all available information, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge.

The Studio E&P knowledge environment empowers a new level of usability and productivity that supports an E&P organization’s quest to streamline and optimize its workflow across the asset lifecycle, while also capturing vital knowledge to maximize personal and team productivity. It features a powerful set of tools that allow geoscientists and engineers to access, review, and use information, in the context of their subsurface Petrel workflows—with key capabilities that increase productivity.
Find your information
For greater awareness and access, the Studio environment lets you easily search and find all available information in your various data sources in the context of your project and workflows. Using its powerful search tools allows you to filter results based on data-specific criteria. These integrated workflows provided through the Studio environment mean that data is always at your fingertips.
Collaborate with your team
For greater context and understanding, the Studio environment supports collaboration along multiple dimensions, through solution technologies that let team members publish interpretations and insights and sign up for notifications, use instant messaging capabilities to easily connect and communicate with team members, and add virtual sticky notes to data.
Manage your knowledge 
For better capture, retention, and delivery, the Studio environment provides a proven, scalable database—supported by industry-standard technology (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server)—specifically designed to handle E&P project data as well as the know​ledge related to that data, all stored together in context.