Avocet Production Operations Software Platform

The Avocet platform provides a field-level decision support system, enabling you to hit all of your production targets.

See a picture of operations in a single, shared environment

The Avocet platform’s integration capability connects global and remote operations for a broad range of disciplines from field staff and production and reservoir engineers, to production accountants and administrators. The Avocet platform collects, stores, and displays all types of production operations information (surface, wellbore, wellhead, and facilities data) with measurements (well test data, fluid analyses, transfer tickets, and tank inventories) to enable users to view and track forecasts, production targets, budgets, and other KPIs at a corporate, business-unit, or geographical level. With cross-domain workflows and integration with other Schlumberger software platforms and products, all users can see asset performance in a single environment, regardless of asset type or location. ​

Understand the impact of changing production conditions

By combining data and measurements acquired in production operations with simulation models, the Avocet platform enables users to have technical insight into the reasons for production interruptions and shortfalls. The software platform connects with other Schlumberger platforms and products as well as third-party software. For example, integration with OFM well and reservoir analysis software delivers easy flow of data into the Petrel E&P software platform for tasks like reservoir simulation history matching in the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator. Up-to-date models enable users to understand how changing production conditions will impact production. With data and models united in a single environment, The root cause of problems can be identified more quickly, downtime minimized, and production optimized. 

Take the right action at the right time

Additional operations solutions for enhanced monitoring and surveillance are available to help tackle the key challenges facing today’s production industry—from multiphase metering to ESP surveillance and pipeline management. These solutions are offered as standard, off-the-shelf packages, but can be customized to any particular operational environment. A flexible and extensible infrastructure supports custom solutions development either by Schlumberger or client organizations. 

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Awards & Certification

Winner - Best Technology Implementation at the 2011 Oil & Gas Middle East Awards. Click here.