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Avocet Production Operations Software Platform

The Avocet production operations software platform allows you to see, understand and act to hit all of your production targets.

Meet your targets

When involved in a producing asset, you are under constant pressure to meet targets. Not only are you under pressure to meet production targets, but you also need to aim for effective allocation and use of capital and resources. 

Overcome challenges 

All too often you ​are faced with data over load, data gathering and validation issues, overwhelmed or inexperienced engineers, and challenges caused by disconnected systems and domains. These issues result in actions that are taken without truly understanding their impact—both upstream and downstream. As an unintended consequence, reactive decisions can negatively affect daily operations and long term strategic goals.

The Avocet production operations software platform is an integrated software system in which all data is in one place, bringing together domains, visualization, and workflows for unified decision support.

Get a clear and up-to-date picture of your operations   

​The Avocet platform gives you the confidence you need to hit your production targets consistently. The platform combines well operations, production management systems, and integrated engineering models to deliver insight into operating conditions from the past, the present, and into the future. Providing a dynamic view—from the reservoir, wells, and pipelines, as well as into process facilities—the Avocet platform validates decisions made throughout the life of the field. 

Unite operationa​l data with engineering models

The Avocet platform connects directly to applications such as PIPESIM production system analysis software, OLGA multiphase flow simulator, and OFM well and reservoir analysis software. Opportunities are revealed by uniting operational data with engineering models and analysis in a single environment. By bringing together data and models, we can apply advanced science to determine the root causes of production problems and shortfalls. The Avocet platform has an open architecture that allows you to connect to corporate datastores, accounting and fiscal modeling systems, and other applications.

Take the right action at the right time

By delivering timely solutions to production problems, the Avocet platform helps you to be proactive in daily operations and avoid future interruptions. It enables you to leverage the power of automation and visualization, to minimize downtime, and assure flow and the integrity of a safe operating environment.​​​​​​​​

Awards & Certification

Winner - Best Technology Implementation at the 2011 Oil & Gas Middle East Awards. Click here.