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INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator

Scalable reservoir simulation for representative modeling of geology and wells—enabling uncompromised field management and planning.

The INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator is a fully featured reservoir simulator going beyond the capabilities offered by current-generation simulators. Designed to improve efficiency in field-development planning and risk mitigation for today’s complex fields, the INTERSECT simulator enables you to achieve greater recovery and certainty in your reserves management. The Petrel E&P software platform provides the powerful visual pre- and postprocessing environment for INTERSECT simulations.

Representative modeling of geology and wells

The INTERSECT simulator accurately models complex geology and wells, honoring detailed reservoir characterizations with minimal or no upscaling. This supports simulation of highly heterogeneous or complex reservoirs. Unstructured gridding enables detail around faults, fractures, or wells to be accurately modeled. Industry-leading multisegment well capabilities provide accurate representation of fluid behavior in horizontal wells and complex completions. Large field simulations requiring millions of grid blocks are now possible.

Fast and scalable simulations

Leveraging the power of multiprocessor/multicore hardware, the INTERSECT simulator reduces run times, allowing you to make more informed decisions—faster. Efficient solver technology delivers results in a fraction of the time required by existing simulators.

Advanced field management

The INTERSECT simulator supports flexible, advanced field-management with advanced production controls to evaluate field-development strategies. This enables optimization of rigs and other resources using complex constraints and conditional logic.

Single simulator for all recovery processes

All fluid types, rock properties, and recovery processes are modeled in a single, unified simulator including
  • black oil and compositional
  • dual and single porosity and permeability
  • thermal.

Petrel reservoir engineering environment

The user environment for the INTERSECT simulator is Petrel Reservoir Engineering, which integrates the static and dynamic modeling process into a seamless workflow. Data flows are transparent, with an easy-to-learn graphical user interface that supports simulation configuration and results visualization. The Petrel platform integrates data from multiple disciplines, allowing experts to combine their knowledge in a unified environment. It also supports extensive uncertainty and optimization workflows.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​