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Rigsite Kick is a new application in Drillbench software. With Rigsite Kick, a drilling crew benefits from realistic, dynamic simulation results and is better prepared for a potential well control incident.

The Rigsite Kick software is optimized for operational use and combines pre-built project files with simple input of operational data. This ensures consistency and reduces potential for errors that are a common problem with manual kick sheet procedures.

Rigsite Kick can be used for all kinds of well types and profiles, and handles synthetic, oil-based, or water-based mud. The sofware also includes a flexible, yet easy to use specification of influx type. Visualization of key results during the circulation also leads to better understanding of the situation. Rigsite Kick produces the information required for the IADC "Kick Sheet" as an output report, removing the need to spend time on tedious manual procedures for calculation of the kick tolerance or optimization of the kick circulation.

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