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Things are only impossible until they are not

In a frank and open presentation at the SIS Global Forum 2019, Anelise Lara, chief downstream officer, Petrobras, explains why the downturn was far more challenging for the Brazilian oil giant and how the company has overcome these difficulties, embracing the digital revolution to drive innovation and change.

This is Petrobras laid bare. A case study in how a major oil company tackles several deeply troubling external issues to differentiate and progress. Anelise shares the Petrobras vision of playing a lead and responsible role in meeting the world’s energy demands, tackling social concerns on carbon emissions, and plotting a course for a sustainably prosperous future.

“Today, we are proud to that say we are enhancing recovery while being at the leading edge of reducing carbon intensity in our upstream activities.”

In what she calls the ‘era of digital oil’, Anelise reveals Petrobras is targeting quantum leaps in exploration performance: no dry wells exploration—exploratory wells with 100% success rate, a definitive reduction in the duration, cost, and risks of exploration, and starting production within a thousand days of discovery.

“Our biggest challenges will not be knowledge, not technology, but engaging people in this process… we will require collaboration to establish the culture that will drive our companies to the future of a cleaner, cost-effective and reliable industry.”

Anelise ended with a lighthearted but thought-provoking quote from Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”

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Anelise Lara

Chief Downstream Officer, Petrobras