Insights Webinar: How ETAP Solved its Data-Management Challenges

With the amount of data in our industry increasing at an astonishing rate, it’s not uncommon for E&P companies to experience data-management issues.

At last year’s SIS Global Forum in Paris, ETAP’s Subsurface Data Manager, Imen Bouyahya, gave an enlightening presentation on how the Tunisian national oil company managed to not only resolve challenges around data ownership and duplicated data, but also implement new data standards and consistency across the organization.

In the first of a new series of Insights webinars, you’ll be able to watch Imen’s presentation from the SIS Global Forum and discover:

  • The data-management challenges faced by ETAP prior to implementing the new solution
  • How the company harnessed the ProSource E&P data management and delivery system to create an end-to-end data-management solution
  • What the overall impact was and the key lessons learned 
  • The next steps for ETAP in its data-management journey

View the webinar and Q&A today

This live webinar has now taken place, but you can access a recording by registering for free.

This live webinar has now taken place.

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