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Every new challenge is different from any other. Using our decades of domain and technology expertise, combined with our advanced AI and cloud platforms, we can help you solve any challenge you face to maximize your success. 

Richest digital

Richest digital technology portfolio for the energy industry

A unique technology stack that blends AI and analytics solutions with the most extensive energy sector workflows, amplified by our ecosystem of technology partners.


Extensive data

Rapid development of customized deployment-ready solutions

In our network of centers across the world, hundreds of petrotechnical experts have upskilled to become the next generation of citizen data scientists. They work in collaboration with a core team of data professionals to support your needs with tailored software fully deployed for you. And finally provide global insights to tune and refine planning and operations solutions for you.


Proven success

Proven success—innovation project track record

In over 100 innovation projects spanning the global energy spectrum, we have worked with our customers to provide optimum solutions to a wide variety of challenges. We go beyond proof-of-concepts to ensure solutions are deployed in operational environments at scale, where maximum value is extracted.

“I can clearly see how Schlumberger has embraced agile and modern developments, and it shows how they capitalize on the shared services to introduce innovation”

Data Professional - European IOC

Innovation project examples


Data Science - Schlumberger

Field development scenario generator

Generate cost-optimized development concepts honoring layout and technical constraints


Schlumberger Blog - Digital Transformation-Understanding the How

Drilling parameters recommendation

Analysis of drilling surface data to identify the optimum drilling parameters through a machine learning model.


Artificial Intelligence Initiation Tips in the Oil & Gast Industry

ESP gas lock avoidance

Interpret gas pressure data to automatically optimize pump intake pressure and reduce ESP gas lock potential.

Energy Transition

Schlumberger Digital Transformation Consulting

Methane alert

To reduce methane emissions, monitoring and alerting is critical. Integrating site location and satellite data brings these together in a smart ecosystem.

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