Develop your E&P digital leadership, proficiency and capabilities with new insights for your petrotechnical community with Agile ‘open’ development, data driven and accelerated workflows, using our Digital Innovation Labs.

Explore and elaborate digital concepts for your oil and gas business. We work with your teams in focused workshops and agile projects to help develop your digital leadership and proficiency using a combination of digital and E&P domain expertise, open development techniques, machine learning, automation, and high-performance computing on the cloud, to deliver maximum business impact.

By engaging and experimenting with new technology hands-on, we help organizations expand and deepen their digital skills, so they can better explore the evolving technological landscape with confidence. Fusing business and operational requirements with digital technologies, tuned for oil and gas, we help clients understand potential new capabilities and efficiencies, and separate myth from reality.

By accelerating your E&P digital insight and skills, we provide a foundation to take concepts to reality and help screen those that will deliver maximum business value for development, at scale, to create lasting competitive advantage in E&P digital.

Bring your ideas to life by using the DELFI environment in a lab—create, innovate, and disrupt

Our labs focus around three core approaches:

Agile Open Development

Coaching the capabilities, and building the culture, needed to adopt Agile, DevOps, and other development methodologies. Cross-discipline teams will learn how to use the DELFI Developer Portal and its extensive array of APIs to visualize, ingest, and export data, and develop customized workflows and visualization as well as connecting to other E&P software environments.

Data Science for Petrotechnical Experts

Connecting insights from diverse data sources to drive decision-making. Harness data mining technologies, analytics, visualization tools, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to implement new and advanced data science functionalities to drive new insights from E&P data.

DELFI E&P Workflows

Automate subsurface drilling and production workflows—amplify collaboration. Liberating data, simulation engines, and workflows across the entire E&P landscape. Understand new ways to automate and accelerate workflows, including training of machine learning algorithms in the DELFI environment.

Digital Transformation Services