• Apply thermal calculation capability
  • Handle both Cartesian and cylindrical grids
  • Use standardized output formats and simple keyword based input file
  • Account for skin factor for both radial and rectangular grids
  • Use unified PVT solution
  • Link multiple reservoir models to one Olga model


The Olga ROCX module is a dynamic reservoir model designed to model transient flow rates and pressures near the wellbore, where transient events occur on the same time scale as the wellbore and pipeline transients. The Olga simulator sends wellbore pressure information to the ROCX module, which then sends flow rates for each phase back to the Olga simulator. 

Typical cases

  • Liquid loading
  • Bullheading and injection
  • Crossflow and back-seepage
  • Wellbore slugging
  • Well kick-off and cleanup
  • Well testing
  • Shut-in/start-up
  • Dynamic water and gas coning