• Calculates deposition and transport of wax
  • Dynamic prediction of wax deposition using RRR, Heat Analogy, and Matzain diffusion models.


The Olga Wax module calculates the deposition and transport of wax components along the pipeline. It models the effects of increases in pipeline roughness, decreases in pipeline diameter, and the increased apparent viscosity of the oil phase with precipitated solid wax particles.

Wax deposition occurs on the inside surface of a flowline due to molecular diffusion when the pipe wall temperature falls below the wax appearance temperature (WAT). Wax precipitation occurs in the oil bulk flow when the bulk temperature is below WAT.

The Wax module supports tuning fluid properties related to molecular diffusion, dissolution, shear related wax transport, and effective viscosity of an oil/wax mixture to dynamically model wax deposition, dissolution, and transport effects. The Olga simulator also simulates pigging operations for wax layer removal and transport. 

Typical cases

  • Pigging for wax removal
  • Thermal insulation due to wax build-up
  • Active heating
  • Chemical injections