• Dynamically predict corrosion rates using pressure, temperature, wall wetting, and shear rates
  • Choose from three commonly used CO2 corrosion models: NORSOK M-506, de Waard 1995, and IFE top-of-line corrosion


The Olga Corrosion module predicts corrosion rate along a pipeline based on variation in temperature, pressure, flow velocity, and flow regime.

The flow regime supports prediction of oil or water wetting of the pipe wall. Pressure, temperature, liquid flow velocity, condensation rates, and wall shear stress calculated by the flow model feed the corrosion rate calculations. Identifying potential points of corrosion along pipelines is critical to maintaining safe operations and to anticipating upcoming maintenance. 

Typical cases

  • CO2 corrosion effects
  • Determine areas of pipeline where corrosion is likely to occur