• Chemical compositions are not held constant in simulation
  • Track changes in fluid composition


In Olga Three Phase, the chemical compositions are defined as constant throughout a simulation. With the addition of Olga Compositional Tracking, the user can accurately model changes in composition along the pipeline or well. The Olga Compositional Tracking module takes into account changes in flow due to slip effects (velocity differences between phases), interfacial mass transfer, as well as where networks merge with comingling of different fluids and changes in fluid composition at the inlet.

In the compositional model, mass equations are solved for each component in the gas phase, droplets, oil and water phases. Thus, the compositional model tracks the changes in composition in time and space, and ensures more accurate fluid description in complex compositional flow environments.

Compositional tracking is critical for blowdown and gas lift analysis, in which compositional effects are more significant. 

Typical case uses

  • Managing networks merging with varying fluids or multilateral wells with fluids with differing compositions
  • Simulating shut-in and start-up scenarios
  • Modeling gas injection and gas lift
  • Handling changes in composition at inlets and sources
  • Tracking gas quality
  • Analyzing blow-down scenarios
  • Evaluating safety processes
  • Dense phase pipeline start-up and operation
  • Dead oil circulation