The Olga Online production management system uses live production data to reveal the multiphase flow behavior of the wells, pipelines and network in real-time. Accessible through a web browser Olga Online has highly specific capabilities providing accurate results during changing production and field conditions to support operational decision making and production optimization.

Combining the power of the Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator with live production data, the Olga Online system is used by production engineers at world leading operators to gain vital insights into critical variables of the operation, such as liquid distribution, pipeline pressures and temperatures, flow rates, and holdup profiles.

Additionally, the Olga Online system is also a valuable tool for operator training purposes, instrumentation back-up, and for data inputs to other disciplines. The solution is delivered with the standard Real-Time Digital Twin Core, other modes are available to provide digital views of the production system under various simulation scenarios.

The standard Real-Time Digital Twin Core is a replica of your wells and production network. It is used for solids formation risk analysis, integrity management purposes, such as erosion and corrosion control, leak detection and, through its offline planning mode, evaluating the impact of planned operational changes to improve operational behavior forecasting.

The What If Mode and Look Ahead Mode are valuable additions to the Olga Online system which enable the simulation and evaluation of experimental scenarios enabling users to further optimize operations and identify potential future challenges.

Equinor awards SLB contract for Leak Detection System for Johan Sverdrup Phase-II development

Equinor has, through a technical qualification study, selected SLB for delivering a novel Leak Detection and Virtual Flow Metering solution for the multiphase production network in Johan Sverdrup Phase II. The solution is based on the Olga Online* technology.

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Olga Online

Olga Online dynamic production management system

Upgraded for 2019, the Olga Online dynamic production management system offers new and improved functionality. Features can be added as required to keep your costs of project scale.

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Look Ahead Mode

Understand what will happen to your flow over time using the Look Ahead Mode (LAM) to identify where action is required, early. Starting from current operating conditions, you can run forward-looking dynamic simulations, to forecast future production parameters and potential upsets, and receive advisory suggestions to keep your operation at optimum levels.

What if Mode

Working offline, you can use the What If Mode to change the input variables to perform multipurpose ‘what-if’ simulation studies to understand how changes to your operating conditions will impact your operating efficiency and determine the exact configuration for optimum performance. Additionally, the Web Scenario Tool enables you to create, save, load and edit your simulation scenarios.

Leak Detection System

The Olga Online Leak Detection System (LDS) detects leaks in pipelines and networks using real-time data from the field control system or production historian. The Olga Online LDS is applicable to both single and multiphase flows. This is achieved by comparing field pressure and flow transients with results from the Olga simulator coupled with statistical and mathematical algorithms. In addition, advanced pattern recognition logics are used to solidify the solution accuracy.


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Equinor awards SLB contract for Leak Detection System for Johan Sverdrup Phase-II development

Equinor awards SLB contract for Leak Detection System for Johan Sverdrup Phase-II development