Geox exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software offers powerful capabilities to support your key exploration decisions. It provides a consistent, unbiased, and accurate assessment of at-risk resource potential—from single prospects to regional play fairways. The full range of assessment situations can be modeled to reflect the decision timeline, project maturity, and data availability. Fully probabilistic capabilities provide a rich set of modeling alternatives with multiple alternative depth-dependent representations of volumetrics, advanced fluid modeling, saturation height functions, dual-porosity systems, and the effects of charge uncertainty. Risk models can be customized within basic shared play and conditional local risk frameworks, which can be applied to oil, gas, or multiple-phase targets as well as shale gas, shale oil, and coalbed methane opportunities.


Geox software provides a robust set of functions to assess play- and prospect-level chance of success. It also provides success case resources given different levels of risk dependencies and volume correlations between segments in the prospect:

  • Stage gate exploration decision process
  • Rapid evaluation of leads and prospects
  • Consistent and complete stochastic evaluation of exploration opportunities
  • Common platform for conventional and unconventional resources
  • Robust handling of multiple target opportunities
  • Fluid communication scenarios
  • Bayesian risk modification for seismic anomalies
  • Risk and volume dependency in prospects and plays
  • Yet-to-find resources based on assessed and postulated prospects
  • Systematic learning through pre- and postdrill performance tracking.