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Schlumberger Acquires Flaresim

Strategic acquisition leads to industry’s first
integrated flare system analysis software

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Flaresim a Schlumberger Technology


Cognitive E&P environment


Petrel 2019

Shared earth—critical insight




Our solutions integrate domain and process knowledge, technology, data, and understanding of customer needs.


Smarter decision making through tailored analytics tools.

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Data Analysis for Earth Modeling and Petrophysics

Visualization of histograms and log data crossplots with analysis and trends removed as appropriate.

Packaged Solutions

Solutions for production monitoring and surveillance.

Economic analysis

Evaluation of revenues, cash flow, and economic indicators.


Production Interpretation

Production diagnostics, forecasting, and rate transient analysis

Production Analystics

Advanced production surveillance techniques and forecasting tools.

Sensitivity Analysis

Multidomain sensitivity and uncertainty analysis to generate probabilistic forecasts.

Data and Analytics

Advanced technology to manage your data, information, and corporate knowledge

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Corporate Data Management

Corporate Data Management

Long-term, application-independent data storage, management, and delivery.

Project Data Management

Product Data Management

Collaboration environment to enhance productivity and increase asset knowledge.

Drilling Software

Optimise your planning and increase your operational performance and efficiency.

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Drilling Planning


Digital well construction planning solution that maximizes the results from drilling teams.

Trajectory Planning

Allows geologist and drilling engineers to collaborate efficiently to deliver a drillable trajectory.

Well Control

Operational preparation for a potential well control incident.

Drilling Operations

Well Control Simulation Solutions

Employ dynamic drilling simulations for effective primary, secondary, and tertiary well control.

Drilling Interpretation

Drilling monitoring, optimization and multiwell root-cause analysis coupled to subsurface and drilling activity data.

Operational Efficiency

Benchmark and monitor KPIs for identification of invisible lost time and continuous improvement.

Economics Planning

Make more-informed business decisions from exploration to production

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Exploration Risk, Economics and Portfolio Analysis

Scalable decision support for exploration projects & portfolios.

Project Economics

Forecast with the ability to evaluate alternative project scenarios and associated risk.

International Fiscal Modelling

Evaluation of international assets with consistent models and reporting.

Economics Planning

Reserves Management

Model, track, book, and report worldwide reserves volumes and associated values.

Business Planning

Align investment choices with strategic and operational goals and scenario analysis.

Technology Consulting

Technical services, consulting services, and enterprise decision support.


Understanding the geochemistry of oil and gas reserves, from wellbore to basin

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Fluids and Gas Characterization

Interactive Fluid Characterization

Process & interpret analytical chemistry data.

Hydrocarbon Composition & Fluid Migration

Petroleum Location, Quantities and Composition

Predict the phases and properties of hydrocarbons.


Powerful 2D and 3D geological analysis, mapping, and modeling

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Well Interpretation & Correlation

Well Interpretation and QC

Integrate all E&P data in one platform


Display any well data type in 2D and include seismic backdrop and other data


Geosteer horizontal and highly deviated wells with Schlumberger LWD tools in real time

Geological Modeling

Structural Modeling

Build a unified structural representation of reservoirs at any scale

Structural and Fault Analysis

Improve mapping and modeling of faults related to prospects and fields with detailed analysis

Structural Interpretation

Delineate complex structures with advanced seismic attributes from 2D reconstruction tools


Optimal decision making and accurate assessment of geomechanical risks

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Well Trajectory and Stability Design

Pore Pressure Prediction

Visualize geomechanical outputs and the computation of safe mud-weight windows.

Wellbore Stability

Understand near-wellbore rock properties by accounting for the state of in situ stress.

Seismic Pore Pressure Modeling

Create multi-well pore pressure prediction models.

Completion Design and Stimulation

Wellbore Stability

Understand near-wellbore rock properties by accounting for the state of in situ stress.


Process wireline & LWD sonic tools to derive near-wellbore stress states.

Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

Model fractures and simulate production for multi-stage hydraulically fractured wells.


Geophysical interpretation, from basin to reservoir scale

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Structural & Statigraphic Interpretation

Seismic Interpretation

Tools for 2D and 3D seismic data in simple-to-complex multi-Z environments at any scale

Structural Interpretation

Seismic reconstruction tools and advanced attributes for detailed reservoir understanding

Structural Modeling

Modeling while interpreting or structural framework building after seismic interpretation

Seismic Attributes Computation & Extraction

Multitrace Attributes

Create advanced seismic attributes to condition seismic data for interpretation tasks

Volume Rendering & Extraction

Render, blend, and extract large data volumes with clarity

Classification & Estimation

Train and create estimation models from various data using neural network analysis tools

Petroleum Systems

Building understanding through basin- to reservoir-scale modeling of petroleum systems

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Source Maturity, Hydrocarbon Migration and Charge Modeling

Exploration Risk and Resource Assessment

Delineate prospects and evaluate their risk, resource, and economic value by linking to GeoX database

Petroleum Systems Modeling

Simulate the structural evolution of a basin through geological time

Seal Analysis

Top Seal Simulator

Predict present-day pore pressure and top seal capacity

Structural and Fault Analysis

Simulate the effect of changing fault geometries and properties on HC migration and pore pressure


Understand near wellbore rock properties, enhance characterization, and optimize drilling and completions strategies.

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Log Interpretation

Interactive Log Interpretation

Basic-to-advanced interactive log interpretation.

Multi-mineralogical Analysis

Multicomponent inversion model incorporating ELANPlus.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Understanding pore networks and fluid distributions.

Fluid and Pressure Analysis

Pressure Analysis

QC of raw pressure versus time data in the analysis of formation pressure data.

Saturation Height Modelling

Integrate core & log data into saturation height models.

Production Engineering

Rigorous engineering design, analysis, and modeling—for optimal asset performance

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Production Monitoring

Production Analytics

Advanced production surveillance techniques and forecasting tools.

Flow Assurance

Steady State Simulation

Multiphase flow simulation to overcome fluid flow challenges and optimize production.

Dynamic Simulation

Flow assurance, including steady-state and transient multiphase flow simulation.

Production Operations

The integrated, extensible approach to understanding and achieving production targets

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Production Operations Software

Production Data Management

Unify operational data & knowledge across operations.

Packaged Solutions

Solutions for production monitoring & surveillance.

Digital Oilfield

Asset Optimization Technology Consulting

Leverage domain expertise & technology to maximize rates, recovery, safety, and efficiency.

Reservoir Engineering

Evaluate reservoir performance through simulation to maximize recovery

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Dynamic Modeling

Geological Model Screening

Rank & select representative geological models using static-dynamic criteria.

Gridding & Upscaling

Preserve geology & flow information with grids, local refinements, and upscaling.

Reservoir Simulation

High Resolution Simulation

New insights from high-resolution scalable reservoir simulation.

Black oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline reservoir simulation.

Robust numerical solutions.

Reservoir Geomechanics

Understand the stress effects for better planning of your wells in complex environments.

Static Reservoir Characterization

Accurate simulation of fluid behavior within all reservoir types

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Reservoir Modeling

Facies Modeling

Ensure the best possible distribution of facies.

Structural and Fault Analysis

Train and create estimation models from various data with neural network analysis.

Seismic Interpretation

Tools for 2D and 3D seismic data in simple-to-complex multi-Z environments at any scale

Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation

Structural Interpretation

Seismic reconstruction tools and advanced attributes for detailed reservoir understanding

Seismic Interpretation

Tools for 2D and 3D seismic data in simple-to-complex multi-Z environments at any scale

Structural Modeling

Modeling while interpreting or structural framework building after seismic interpretation

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Unmatched Value Creation

Schlumberger Software Integrated Solutions—SIS—develops and deploys world-leading upstream oil and gas software and digital solutions. Global expertise and technical knowledge drive our continuous innovation, enabling our many thousands of global customers to optimize their E&P operations through the integration of technology and data, with domain and process knowledge.


The Petrel Platform is Now Available in the DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

New insights can be gained through the utilization of the secure, cloud-based environment as increased accessibility and flexibility to more science in the Petrel platform is automatically and instantly at your fingertips.

DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

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