Combining expertise and experience in dynamic well control

The Schlumberger SIS Drilling Technology Consulting Group combines unique well engineering expertise with significant experience in well control simulation, including drilling hydraulics, thermodynamics and multiphase flow, and relief well planning. With hundreds of blowout contingency planning studies conducted in the recent past, we have a proven record of assisting operators in evaluating their worst-case discharge scenarios and associated dynamic well kill operations.

Planning and managing your well control is critical in challenging environments such as HPHT, deepwater, and depleted reservoirs to avoid operating risks related to wellbore instability and failure. The dynamic modeling of hydraulics and well control simulations in the Drillbench simulation software enables Schlumberger to offer expert solutions and answers when drilling engineers evaluate challenges during well design or during drilling and well control operations.

Assisting you throughout the well construction process

The Schlumberger drilling consultants have expertise and workflows to address a wide variety of conventional well control scenarios in addition to air/foam and underbalanced drilling and managed pressure drilling operations. In our projects, the complete drilling circulation system and processes can be evaluated from initial spud to reaching total depth. Our services can evaluate drilling hydraulics, well control, and well integrity issues in the design and operational phases of a well and have enabled numerous wells with narrow pore pressure/fracture gradient margins to be drilled to TD without issues.

Our drilling technology consulting services span operations from well preplanning through operations to post-drilling analysis and training. Our application areas include the following:

  • Blowout and contingency planning and dynamic well kill operations
  • Relief well planning
  • Dynamic equivalent circulating density/equivalent static density (ECD/ESD) with fluid thermal effect and temperature profiles
  • Dynamic fluid displacement and circulation
  • Dynamic kick tolerance calculations
  • Dynamic surge and swab simulations
  • Well control event post analysis
  • Managed pressure drilling
  • Operational design for underbalanced drilling operations
  • Onsite support for blowout kill operations


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