An ever-increasing amount of data acquired on the rig, including multiple data types from multiple sources, must be aggregated in your software platform in real time for rapid analysis. Today’s operational needs require scalability, security, and data quality as raw data are captured and integrated into your overall data management solution. Schlumberger real-time data services (RTDS) simplify your operations by providing an end-to-end data solution in a single interface.

Comprehensive data management and monitoring

The wellsite data hub collects and controls the quality of multiple data types at your rig location. The system then sends an aggregated data stream to any WITSML data store. The RTDS service includes the InterACT web-based visualization and storage solution, which operates through our global hub and regional real-time data centers. Using the InterACT solution, your entire operational team can monitor and support operations to maintain operational integrity at the wellsite and conduct remote multidomain collaboration to improve performance.

Secure remote system surveillance and support

The standardized infrastructure provided by RTDS provides reliable and efficient data support from any rig. Designed with security, connectivity, and collaboration in mind, this service promotes better interaction between experts by providing remote access to real-time data, with uncompromised data security and integrity.

Extensive data acquisition

The real-time data system collects multiple data types at your rig location and is easily extended to support the following additional data formats:

  • WITS (serial, file, TC, and http)
  • WITSML (1.3, 1.4)
  • DLIS
  • MaxWell
  • CSV


  • Wellsite data aggregation, visualization, and storage
  • Collaboration among remote experts 


  • Vendor-neutral data management via the web
  • Maximized value of E&P data
  • Installation and 24/7 support by Schlumberger professionals
  • Informed decision making throughout the operations


  • Real-time data aggregation supporting industry standard formats
  • Comprehensive data management tools with intuitive user interface


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